Thyroid/Adrenal Imbalance-Deficiency

What are the symptoms of under-functioning thyroid, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue? These symptoms may include: feeling cold all the time, unexplained weight gain, feel like you're moving in "slow-motion", or moving through molasses, depression, constipation or hair loss.  Other symptoms may include being unable to deal with stress, or having frequent salt or sugar cravings, and feel  “wired-and-tired” or “pooped-and-passive”. 


We’ll make sure that your thyroid function has been appropriately tested.  If you have Hashimoto’s, we’ll immediately start you on an autoimmune protocol. If you have deficient thyroid or adrenal function, we’ll get you started on some dietary recommendations and supplements to address the underlying deficiencies and deal with symptoms.    

GOAL:  You’ll have more balanced energy available to you. You’ll feel in-tune with your body again, and feel as though you’re on your path once again.

Hormone Imbalances:

What are symptoms of hormonal imbalances?  These symptoms may include:  PMS, acne, menopausal hot flashes, insomnia, infertility, yeast infections, hair loss, interstitial cystitis, PCOS or irregular or heavy menstrual cycles.


Women’s hormonal imbalances usually respond extremely well to a natural approach. Hormone testing may be recommended to help us fine-tune your plan.  Acupuncture, in particular, may be recommended for hormone balancing, as it can be very effective at restoring balance.    For yeast infections, we’ll start you on an effective anti-candida protocol. For PCOS, infertility, and interstitial cystitis we’ll recommend natural therapies designed to assist your body in rebalancing hormones and addressing symptoms. 


You’ll have a menstrual cycle in tune with the monthly cycle. You’ll gain insight into your woman’s intuition and wisdom.  You’ll enjoy a feeling of connectedness within your self, your path and the Universe. You will simply feel harmonious and in balance once again.