About Our Approach:

By incorporating functional medicine testing, and a thorough review of your history, labs and exam, our goal is to identify and help you address the underlying conditions that are creating your symptoms. We expertly use effective, time-honored herbal therapies, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, acupuncture and mind/body approaches to help restore your balance and health.

Your first visit with Dr. Colleen will last 1 1/2 hours.  We have you fill out the initial paperwork and bring it in with you.  During that first visit, Dr. Colleen will listen carefully to you as you discuss your health, and will review the information provided by you on the comprehensive intake form.  She will evaluate your case from both the Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives.  She may perform screening physical exams on you, and review your lab results if you have them with you.  Together, you'll discuss natural options to address your symptoms as well as treating the underlying causes that are creating those symptoms.  We may recommend additional testing as needed, and always try to be cost-effective for you, for those recommendations.

Testing available includes:  Hormone testing, Food sensitivity testing, Adrenal testing, Dysbiosis (stool) testing, Small intestinal bowel overgrowth testing