Dr. Colleen Gagliardi

Dr. Colleen Gagliardi

I believe that health symptoms inform us that something in our life is out of balance.  by understanding the reasons why those symptoms are present and by using natural therapies to address them, we have the opportunity to flourish, progress, and move forward on our path towards Health and happiness. 

I began to assemble a very powerful “toolkit” that combined my rigorous education in science-based natural and functional medicine along with my intuitive awareness and respect for healing, energy and spirituality that I‘d had all my life.

My Journey:

I returned back to Miles City, to a place that feels like home after a long journey to bring more healing options to the Miles City Area. When I practiced in Miles City as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2007-2008, I didn't realize how long the journey would take before returning home once again to Miles City - some 10 years later. 

Here's the journey that brought me back to Miles City:

Before I began my Naturopathic medical education -- at age 42! -- I had undergone a metamorphosis in my life and career.

Although from childhood (growing up on a family farm in Western New York), I'd had a deeply spiritual connection with nature and an intuitive sense of energy and natural healing, my early adult life became eminently "practical."  I worked in office management and bookkeeping.

While career successful, I found that I really wasn't happy or fulfilled; and it was at that time that I came to the realization that I wanted to formally study medicine and healing.

Studying chemistry and physics was totally new ground for me. Yet, I found that I enjoyed my classes in chemistry and physics and then anatomy and physiology. As I was getting ready to apply to medical school, I learned of Naturopathic Medicine. As I researched it, I realized that the tenets of Naturopathic Medicine resonated deeply with me and was the path that I really wanted to pursue.  So, at age 42, I packed up all my belongings into a U-Haul truck and drove west across the country to start my journey in becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.

Five demanding and satisfying years later, I had learned not only about biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomy and biochemistry, gastroenterology and gynecology, but I had also learned how to effectively use natural therapies such as herbs, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, therapeutic massage, homeopathy and nutrition.  

I was slowly beginning to assemble a very powerful "toolkit" that combined my education in science-based natural medicine along with my intuitive awareness and respect for healing, energy and spirituality that I'd had all my life.

After graduating with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, and passing the national Naturopathic Medicine boards, I began a two year Bastyr-sponsored Naturopathic family practice residency at Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic in Billings, MT. 

After my residency was completed, I opened my own clinic in Miles City, MT, Medicine Root Natural Health.  I practiced out of the VA building at that time, and prior to me being there, an acupuncturist from Glendive had been seeing patients there.  Many of the patients who received acupuncture came to see me, and although I had some training in Chinese medicine, I knew that the patients seeing me in Miles City, would benefit greatly from continued acupuncture, but I didn't have the skills to help them in that manner.  

In 2008 I moved to Denver to pursue a three year Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During that time, I practiced Naturopathic Medicine in Arvada and later Westminster, CO.  Once graduating with my Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I then added a third "tool" -- acupuncture -- to my natural medicine therapies.

Although it was hard to leave a thriving Naturopathic practice in Westminster CO, the opportunity to work in an integrative setting at the Montana Center was too good to pass up. So, once again, I packed up a U-Haul truck and drove across country (this time north!) to Kalispell, MT. to join The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management, as part of their integrative medicine team.  I was excited to be part of the health care team that includes Medical Doctors, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Counseling, Physical Therapy and now Naturopathic Medicine in patient centered care. I was at the Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management for almost two years, fine-tuning my skills in Naturopathic Medicine and acupuncture.