IBS/Digestive Issues

 I help people like you who are frustrated and in discomfort with continuing gas, bloating, heartburn, food sensitivities and diarrhea/ and constipation.  Usually, you've been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and have tried medications with no help.  In my approach, I consider IBS to be a symptom - not a diagnosis.  Part of the process of treating IBS is fully identifying the underlying causes that are creating your digestive symptoms.  Then, once the cause is identified, we can utilize natural treatments to heal your digestive track and get you on the road to feeling better once and for all. 




We may recommend testing you for food sensitivities and/or digestive dysbiosis (bacteria/yeast/parasites).  We may recommend acupuncture to assist your digestion.  We will start you out on a personalized diet tailored for your particular circumstances.  We may include natural digestive aids in the form of supplements.  We will work with you to regulate stress (can cause digestive distress), and identify digestive/food triggers with you.   




Our goal is to help you  feel comfortable, satisfied and energized by the food you eat. And, that you won't have to be worried by uncomfortable digestive issues any longer.