Stress, Anxiety and Depression are some of the most common conditions in my practice.

Anxiety/Depression/Stress: feel anxious, sad, irritable, depressed, or unable to calm one’s mind and spirit. 


We’ll work together to identify physiological imbalances such as thyroid/hormonal/adrenal and nutrient imbalances that may be contributing to mood.  We’ll discuss food therapy to help with mood.  We may recommend acupuncture to help restore balance.  Herbs may be recommended to be taken as teas or for herbal bath therapy.  Specific mood supplements may be recommended. 

You’ll feel in tune with yourself again. You’ll find that you can cope with daily stressors with a sense of humor and play.  You’ll learn to take time to nuture yourself with spirituality and fun.  You will smile more easily.  You’ll be able to plan your day wisely and carefully and to take time to be outside to enjoy the sun and nature. You will intuitively know your path, and stay on it.